At the Sunday Hunches HQ, there's nothing we like more than putting our feet up, letting the butter melt on the toast and glancing at Twitter to see what the world is doing, or at least our window to it. But this view of what could be wonderful, charming and touching is increasingly being clouded by shouting and self promotion.

Ever since brands and celebrity culture arrived in our social channels our notion of what is it to talk to each other has begun to shift. We call this trend the rise of the marketed self. This idea that you must be constantly promoting yourself, your ideas, the amazing things you saw, did or read. It's turning us into monsters and not monsters like Monsters Inc's Sully, more monsters like Randal and we wondered if there was something that we could do about it. This marketed self effect that's polluting Instagram, Facebook and Twitter is lessening our enjoyment of each other and pushing what we share into things akin to self branded campaigns. Can we not relate to each other as people anymore?

So we made Little Voices. It's not big or clever, in fact it's small and pretty simple. Little Voices is more like a walk in the woods, than a album launch on a yacht. It's about pushing the small ideas out there. The ones that don't rely on a article (that'll be lame if you actually click through to see it). Thing things, thoughts and moments that don't need 18 selfies to describe them.

This isn't a solution, it's an experiment. But all the same it's kinda worked and we kinda like it. Give it a try, it's free. And like we did, you might learn something about your feed, your voice and whats important to share with your friends.