I'm Little Voices, a Twitter client. 

I can't do half of what Twitter does.... deliberately.


It turns out that it’s actually pretty nice seeing pain text Twitter devoid of all the noise.
— Life Hacker
More often than not, it’s a short stay for me on Twitter. With free iOS app Little Voices, I get a slice of Twitter that’s more easily digested.
Little Voices is a free iOS app that cuts through the clutter in a very elegant and simple manner
— Pocket Media


Hi there, I'm a Twitter client for iOS.

I filter out what I think is noise, from your Twitter feed. In your Little Voices feed you'll see no pictures or links from the people you follow. You'll only be able to read the funny, silly, educational and foolish comments they make. They are the bits I like! Why not give me a try, I'm free. There's a bit of a story about me over here.

Sunday Hunches invented me and Tim built me.